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MiHC were extremely grateful to The Basil Death Trust for the recent donation they received in November 2017 and have kindly given us permission to upload their comments on the success of the funding.  This funding has benefited retired armed forces personnel, the majority of whom aged 60 plus and who live in care homes or attend day centres.

‘We are extremely grateful to The Basil Death Trust for the donation, received in November 2017 which enabled 208 veterans (and spouses) in day centres and care homes to access high quality live music brought directly to and especially for them. Using live music as a tool, our sessions are designed to nurture the ‘whole’ person, to humanise clinical settings, to reach and connect people, to encourage communication and meaningful social interactions and to elicit emotions and memories when it matters most.  

Live music has a remarkable power to provide diversion and transcend pain and can help engender a sense of normality and wellbeing in people in care.  At the same time, it can provide comfort for those whose lives are afflicted by fear of what the future may hold.’

The sessions were delivered to people who, in the main, are too ill, frail or vulnerable to attend events in their wider community and so MiHC’s professional musicians travelled to the care units to take their live music into the dayrooms of people most in need.  Feedback from one of the care homes demonstrates the benefits of music for their residents: “Music plays an important part in reaching those persons with a dementia.  It taps into the emotional memory enabling our residents to feel again and enjoy various emotions.”

A veteran - Music in Hospitals and Care (MiHC)
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